About the Club

The Chicago Mountaineering Club was founded in 1940 and incorporated in the state of Illinois as a not-for-profit corporation on February 14, 1985.

The Club's mission is to:

  • promote interest in the sport and craft of mountaineering,
  • foster fellowship among climbers of the Chicago/Midwest area,
  • disseminate mountaineering knowledge and information,
  • develop skill in the climbing techniques of its Members, and
  • sponsor local practice outings and periodic western outings.

Membership in the Club is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older, is seriously interested in climbing (rock, ice, or alpine), and has participated in at least three Club-Sponsored local outings or one Western Outing.

The Chicago Mountaineering Club also actively supports the Mountaineering Foundation of Chicago (MFC). Under special agreement, the MFC allows the Club and its members access to the John Speck Memorial Library. The Library consists of mountaineering books, guides, pamphlets and journals. It also contains materials related to the Club’s history, and serves as an archive for other Club records. To obtain access to the library, contact the librarian, Contacts.

The club was started by a group of climbers at the University of Chicago but has grown to include members throughout the country. The club has a rich history and is proud of its diverse members who have achieved many first ascents for all climbing disciplines including alpine, rock, and ice.

The Stettner brothers were arguably the most well known members of the Chicago Mountaineering Club. Jack Gorby, a former President of the Club and current President of the MFC, finished his book that details the Stettners and their contribution to the Chicago Mountaineering Club and mountaineering in general. The book, which was released in April of 2003, is filled with interesting and exciting stories about the brothers and the Club.