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Climbers Outing: Devil's Lake - Old Timers, New Climbers

Join Chicago Mountaineering Club at Devil's Lake for our bi-weekly summer climbing outings

Saturday, August 17, 2019 through Sunday, August 18, 2019
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
Devil's Lakes State Park
Devil's Lake, Wisconsin, USA Get Directions

This event has ended.

These outings are open to all. Join us at our private campground just
outside Devil’s Lake State Park. Camping is open to anyone climbing with the club and costs only
$10/person for the whole weekend. Many people arrive on Friday evening, but some do come up early
Saturday morning (arriving by 8:30am).

A typical CMC outing at Devil’s Lake is a gathering of both members and non-members.
Everyone meets at 9am for the “Morning Reading,” which covers the inherent risks that comes with
climbing activities, and any other club announcements. This is followed by an introduction of the Rope
Leaders and where the day’s climbing parties will be headed. Everyone will then drive over to the
parking lot nearest to the climb and hike up to the bluffs. Multiple top-ropes are usually fixed based
on the number of people climbing. There are no bolted routes at Devil’s Lake. Rope Leaders will review
all top-rope anchors. And then the climbing begins! It is not unusual to have 6-10 ropes setup for
each party.

*** If you are applying to become a member of the CMC, try to remember the dates of the outings you
attend and the names of the Rope Leaders you climb with (only one per day or weekend is fine). We keep
track too but if you have it the application is quicker and easier to complete. ***

Climbers Outing: Devil's Lake - Old Timers, New Climbers
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